Timely identification of fire forms the basis of firefighting. Application of scientific and technical achievements based modern electronics in fire alarm systems has enabled the production of efficient and flexible fire alarm systems. Microtech offers installation, repair and maintenance services of appropriate fire alarm systems depending on the type of flame detection for various purpose facilities. Depending on the specificity of the facility, fire alarm systems are divided into both conventional and targeted types. Moreover, the following types of fire sensors can be installed on both systems

1. Spot type heat, smoke and heat/smoke detectors

2. Aspirator type smoke and gas detectors

3. Laser mirror type smoke detectors

4. UB and IQ fire detectors

In addition, it is also possible to integrate thermal cameras into fire alarm systems for monitoring of different areas at special facilities and prior identification of parts constituting fire risk. Thermal cameras enable accurate temperature monitoring of several facilities within a single image, to get functions of maximum and minimum temperature identification and information acquisition through various means when limit is exceeded.

Fire alarm systems can be integrated into existing systems at the facility.