About us

The firesystems.az portal is developed by Microtech LLC. The purpose of the portal is to provide customers with more information about one of the main areas of Microtech activity, i.e. fire protection systems. Moreover, interested parties can get on the portal information on events, news and other interesting information related to various fire protection systems.

Microtech Limited Liability Company implements various solutions in the field of information and telecommunication systems, sells ICT equipment, installs and maintains various systems. The Company provides automation and SCADA services for various industrial entities, various services for the development of software for resource management. In addition to automation of various systems in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer, the high-quality integration of existing systems is carried out by the professional team of Microtech.

Microtech Limited Liability Company provides software for designing and installing software for various entities. With a team of more than 15 professional programmers, Microtech can solve any complex software related issues to the highest standards. GPS Navigation, HRM, Warehouse Management and Sales, Restaurant and Hotel Management, Healthcare Management Software developed by the Company's team allow customers to increase their business efficiency in various areas.

Microtech Limited Liability Company designs, installs and maintains various security systems. The Company has a corresponding license for the construction and maintenance of fire protection systems and structures issued by the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan Republic. Microtech specialists integrate existing fire protection systems into existing systems of various sizes and types of entities and buildings. The Company has a professional team of competent experts in security systems, IT specialists, mechanics, energy and electrical engineering specialists to install fire alarm systems and automatic fire suppression systems.