Automatic fire suppression systems installed on various sprinkler and drencher types are provided with fire detection means for smoke, heat, flame, gas and other physical and chemical properties, depending on the specificity of the facility. In general, the system is provided with control, logon and data transfer subsystems, whether local or centralized. All elements of the system are equipped with special relays and other protection systems, which in turn prevents emergency opening. In addition, all materials and wires used during installation of the system are temperature and fire resistant.

Introduction of centralized automatic fire suppression systems at special facilities and manufacturing plants enables implementation of functions affecting systems other than activation and automatic exit fire-extinguishing system through signals that can be received from other systems existing at facility and entity. Automatic fire suppression system can also be integrated with various SCADA and control systems.

Centralized automatic fire suppression systems are integrated with access control systems to localize the fire and prevent the flame from spreading to other rooms and areas during fire.